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3in1 Comfort Bitless Bridle


🌸3in1 Comfort Bitless Bridle🌸

What are the 3 things you want from a bitless bridle:

1. Stability: a fixed noseband, allowing for precise cues

2. Freedom: allowing the horse to open its mouth comfortably

3. Comfort: No tightening on the face when reins are picked up

Usually you get 2 of the features when it comes to bitless riding.
If you want a fixed noseband that doesn’t move when using the reins, you usually opt for a tight noseband or a chin strap that tightens when you pick up your reins.
If you have a sensitive horse that doesn’t like the tightening pressure you most likely end up with a noseband that moves a bit too much on the horse’s face.
In most cases, the horse is very restricted in opening its mouth.
With the Comfort 3in1, you can have all three boxes ticked! 😍
Thanks to the added comfort straps, the Noseband is fixed in place, which means your cues are now accurately communicated to your horse. The criss cross design means the chin is free, allowing the horse to open its mouth wider than on any other bitless bridle. The need for a chin strap completely disappears.
And all this is possible without any ropes tightening on the horse’s face. The mechanics are that of a simple side pull, matched with stability and freedom.

Perfect for:

1. Young horses
2. Retraining
3. Sensitive horses
4. Endurance

Finally a solution that works for the rider and the horse.

I hope you and your horse enjoy the new 3in1 Comfort bridle. And if you need more info or would like to place a custom order, please don't hesitate to message me. 

Judy x


  • Hi Carmen.
    The 3in1 Bitless Bridle starts at $110. You can find them under “Bridles” in the main menu. If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to send me an email or find Medinaa on Facebook (click on Facebook icon at the bottom of the page). Judy x

  • Hi, what is the price of your bitless bridle?


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