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Copy Cats

In the last few months it has come to my attention that a lot of other rope tack businesses have copied my designs (and the entire way of how I run my business). We’ve been approached by multiple people requesting repair work on products thought to be genuine Medinaa tack, and we had to break it to them that they had a knockoff.

I try to see it as a compliment, however, it is also quite frustrating, since I am the one sitting awake night after night coming up with designs and features, only to have them cheaply stolen.
Bridle and halter designs are tested, adjusted and improved. My horses go through a whole process of testing to make sure the designs work and are effective. Copied products may look the same, but functionality and quality will not be the same!

Please keep in mind that the designs you see here are original and created by Medinaa.
The designs are now market leaders with numerous businesses copying them as they sell so well.

If you are after innovation and fashion you will see it here first!

As to the people who have copied my designs, I have my eyes on you. Thank you for feeling the need to copy me, but you would do your customers and yourself a favour if you tried coming up with your own designs that will set you apart. It is much more rewarding.

To my customers who have been loyal and hopefully see the difference between my original work and the copy cats: I appreciate your support and keen eye for detail and quality. I will always strive to come up with new products and designs that are authentic to the Medinaa brand.

I am extremely proud of my business and hope you can appreciate how much love and thought goes into each and every product I design.

Judy x

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