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New Rope Colours!

In the last few weeks we had a few new rope colours come in.

The most exciting colour to hit the market was probably grey. I am so excited to be working with this colour. Can't wait to see what colour combos we all come up with. If you have any great ideas please leave a comment below!

Another colour we offer for a limited time is Hippie. This rope is manufactured in the USA and feels amazing! It is softer than the double braided polyester and 12.5mm thick (as opposed to 12mm). Sadly supplies are running very low in Australia, so there isn't much left of it. Matching halter rope is available too, which makes for a crazy, fun set! 

And there are a few additions to our halter rope range to make our plain, budget halters shine:

Country Girl:




As always, please leave us a comment and have your say.

  • What rope colour is your favourite?
  • What colour would you like us to add to the collection?
  • And which colours would you pair with the new grey rope?

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