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We Moved!

We moved websites but kept our domain! This means you still get to reach us at the same address (, but our site looks completely different.

We appreciate your patience as we build our new shop from the ground up. (And please note we don't have experts helping us, so this may be a bumpy road) :-D

In return we hope to offer you a much smoother online experience that is easier to navigate.

The biggest change is that there are no more custom orders and confusing forms to fill out. Custom orders are now taken via emails ('Contact Us' at the bottom of each page), where we can help you choose exactly what you're after.

If you have any comments we would love to hear from you:

  • How can we improve your online experience at our shop?
  • What features would you like to see?
  • And apart from the website, what products would you love to see added to our range? :-D


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  • Judy, I love your website. I think I will include that in the “commercial” at the end of the article I wrote about you. Your work is beautiful!!

    Victoria Hardesty

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