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Cordeo - Lilly
Cordeo - Lilly

Cordeo - Lilly

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1x Cordeo (as pictured)


  • blue/green mottled
  • knots: neon pink, turquoise, royal blue
  • silver hardware
  • adjustable

The versatile Cordeo (neck rope) can be used in countless ways:

  • Liberty groundwork 
  • Bridle-less riding
  • Security rope for beginners learning to keep their balance in the saddle
  • catching tool
  • decor for photoshoots 


  • Small: 120cm (ponies)
  • Regualr: . 160cm (for large ponies and most horses)
  • Large: 180cm (thicker necked, large horses)
  • Custom: contact us


  • UV resistant
  • Colour fast
  • Hand washable
  • Low abrasion
  • Soft and durable

For custom orders please contact us!