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Comfort Bitless Bridle

The Comfort Bitless Bridle is an original design by Medinaa.

It was designed to be used as a Side Pull which offers stability and comfort.

The Comfort Strap Design stops the noseband from moving on the horse’s face, and at the same time allows the chin to remain free.
This means your horse can still chew and yawn, which is important for tension release and comfort.

The Comfort Straps do not tighten around the horse’s head, as is seen with the crossover styles. They are meant to sit snug without adding pull or pressure.

The poll strap is padded for added comfort.

Every Comfort Bitless Bridle can be customised with our many add-ons, from reins and breastplates to bit hangers and cordeos.


3 things the Comfort Bitless Bridle offers: 

  1. Stability: a fixed noseband, allowing for precise cues and preventing rubbing
  2. Freedom: allowing the horse to open its mouth comfortably
  3. Comfort: No tightening or pressure on the face when reins are picked up

 The Comfort Bitless Bridle was designed as a Side Pull, but with a chin strap, can be converted to a Scawbrig Style bitless bridle, and with the Crossover Straps, it can be converted to a Crossover Style Bitless Bridle.

The Comfort Bitless Bridle also makes an excellent Halter for groundwork and training. 

What the Comfort Bitless Bridle can be used as:

  1. Side Pull
  2. Scawbrig 
  3. Crossover
  4. Halter

 Perfect for:

  1. Young horses
  2. Retraining
  3. Sensitive horses
  4. Endurance
  5. Trail riding



  • Can jou make one for me . Not sure of the size but here in south africa it will be a small for arabian horse. What will be the price in south african rands for a bitless bridle, reins and running marting gale?

    Kathie Storm
  • I have a mini pony can you make one for me? And cost. ;) Thanks

    Regina Guisti
  • Hi Carmen.
    The 3in1 Bitless Bridle starts at $110. You can find them under “Bridles” in the main menu. If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to send me an email or find Medinaa on Facebook (click on Facebook icon at the bottom of the page). Judy x

  • Hi, what is the price of your bitless bridle?


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