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About Us

Medinaa is an exclusive small Australian business taking hand-crafted horse tack to the next level in design and functionality.
I started Medinaa in 2017, to shake up the rope bitless bridle market in Australia, which, back then, seemed uninspired and lacking variety.


I myself was riding with a bit and noticed how uncomfortable my mare was. Looking for bitless alternatives was difficult, and there wasn’t much information out there for people wanting to make the switch to bitless. 


So I searched and researched, and finally decided to design my own rope bitless bridle. The 3in1 Bitless Bridle was born.



Since then I have designed the game changing Comfort Bitless Bridle, which has dramatically changed people’s bitless experience here in Australia and overseas.



I am inspired by the powerful yet sensitive horses, their free spirit, and the dreamers who own them.


I love to question and innovate traditions, to overcome obstacles, and to add beauty to comfort and design.


Above all else, I create with the dream of enlivening my ultimate mission: to inspire you to be the horseman/woman your horse wants you to be.



With love and gratitude, Judy x