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  • Why Should I Try Riding Bitless?

    There is a wonderful shift happening in the horse world, where more and more people are drawn to riding their horses bitless. Bitless bridles are ...
  • MEDINAA’s Bitless Bridles

    There often is a bit of confusion when it comes to all the different styles of bitless bridles. And that is no surprise, because there are so many ...
  • The Bosal Set - How To

    Here is how you fit our Bosal Set on your horse, and how to re-attach the Mecate Reins:   If you have any questions or need help, feel free to e...
  • Floral Halter Set

    Our bespoke floral browbands are made with carefully sourced silk flowers. The base layer is hand stitched onto the browband, ensuring a long lasti...
  • Spotlight: The Cordeo

    It's no secret that my favourite piece of tack is the Cordeo, or neck rope.  It can be used by literally any rider, from beginner to advanced. And ...
  • Comfort Bitless Bridle

    The Comfort Bitless Bridle is an original design by Medinaa. It was designed to be used as a Side Pull which offers stability and comfort. The Co...
  • The 3in1 Bitless Bridle

    A closer look at the 3in1 Bitless Bridle and how you can use it. Go to: 3in1 Bitless Bridles
  • Training Halter - Swivel Feature

    The Training Halter - how the swivel feature works. Watch now.
  • Aria Bridle

    It's been a long time coming... so many of you have asked for the cross browband and it is finally here! 
  • Lightness vs Softness and how our Rope Halters can help

    Why use rope halters for horse training? And softness vs lightness in horse training. Do you know the difference?