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Spotlight: The Cordeo

It's no secret that my favourite piece of tack is the Cordeo, or neck rope. 

It can be used by literally any rider, from beginner to advanced. And it is great for groundwork or when doing liberty.

So what can it be used for?

1. Liberty: use the Cordeo to guide your horse while teaching the basics in liberty. At the beginning your horse won't know what you are asking and try out different things to find the right answer. The Cordeo can help guide the horse to minimise frustration. 

Pictured below: Maren with her Warmblood mare Layla. 

2. Riding/Jumping: for the advanced riders, the Cordeo is an amazing riding tool. Bridle-less riding is a dream for many of us which takes a lot of work and dedication. But once you are there, it is the best feeling in the world. 

Pictured below: Felicity with her Friesian Pyrrha.

Felicity writes: "My Cordeo has been fantastic to use, I find the extra length is great for my 4yo who is a very typical Friesian in that she likes freedom in the head. Working with the neck rope has been great for teaching her to extend her canter as Pyrrha likes to canter on the spot. The shortened version has been great for my older horses for jumping and trail riding as I prefer a bit more precision. Overall, a great, strong and pretty Cordeo."

3. Beginner riders: The Cordeo is great for beginners who need to learn to steady their hands and not hang off the reins (the pull will now only be on the Cordeo, not the reins). Holding the Cordeo with the reins allows for hands to be steadied and the rider to be centred in the saddle. Unlike the monkey strap on the saddle, the Cordeo sits further forward, shifting weight to where it is meant to be with hands in the proper riding position. 

4. Catching: keep the Cordeo with you or in your car at all times and it can double as a catching tool. The ring lets you adjust the cordeo and tighten it around the neck, almost like a slip collar for dogs. 

Pictured below: Maren teaching her mare Layla the ropes of Liberty. The Cordeo has been adjusted to sit tight around the neck to allow for precise cues should they be needed.

A versatile piece of tack that should be a part of every rider's tack room. 

Medinaa's Cordeos are made with Australian made 12mm double braided rope and decorated with USA Paracord. Find your favourite here or contact us for a custom Cordeo (no extra charge!).

Do you have a Cordeo already? Let us know how you use it or leave a review to let other people know how great they are. 

Judy x 

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