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Why Should I Try Riding Bitless?

There is a wonderful shift happening in the horse world, where more and more people are drawn to riding their horses bitless. 
Bitless bridles are often considered more humane than bitted bridles, but there are far more reasons why you should try riding your horse bitless:

  1. Humane: Bitless bridles are more humane as they do not cause pain or discomfort to the horse's mouth.

  2. Improved Communication: Bitless bridles provide a more gentle form of communication between horse and rider, leading to improved understanding and responsiveness, and a more harmonious relationship.

  3. Trust: Bitless bridles can help to build trust between horse and rider, as the horse is not experiencing pain or discomfort during training. This increased trust can lead to a more relaxed and cooperative horse during training and riding.

  4. Improved confidence: Bitless bridles can help to increase the confidence of both horse and rider, as the horse is more relaxed and responsive, and the rider has better communication and connection with the horse.

  5. Versatile: Bitless bridles can be used on horses of various sizes and breeds and come in many different styles to suit any horse, rider or discipline. 

  6. Suitable for dental issues: Bitless bridles are suitable for horses with dental or mouth issues as they do not put pressure on the horse's teeth or jaw.

Overall, bitless bridles can play a significant role in building a strong and positive bond between horse and rider, leading to a more enjoyable and successful training experience.

If you want to try out bitless riding, I recommend you buy the Comfort Bitless Bridle.

It will allow you to train your horse from the ground, which will get your horse used to the bitless bridle. This will make the transition to bitless riding much easier for your horse. 

You can buy many add-ons for the Comfort Bitless Bridle to suit you and your horse.
It is primarily designed to be used as a side pull, but you can also buy matching chin straps, crossover straps, and much more to transform it into a style you and your horse enjoy most. 


If you want more info on my bridles, please don’t hesitate to contact me
I believe in the products I create and sell, and strive to help transform the horse world into one where the horse comes first and is treated with respect and dignity. 


With love and kindness,

Judy x 


*Please always consult a professional trainer when making the change to bitless, or trying any new tack. 
**Any piece of tack or equipment can be harmful or harsh in the wrong hands. Our mindset and control over our actions are of primary importance! 

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