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Comfort Bitless Bridle - Purple Cowgirl
Comfort Bitless Bridle - Purple Cowgirl
Comfort Bitless Bridle - Purple Cowgirl
Comfort Bitless Bridle - Purple Cowgirl

Comfort Bitless Bridle - Purple Cowgirl

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What you will get: 

  • Comfort Bitless Bridle
  • Celtic knot browband without tassel (if you want it with tassel simply let me know in the comment box when checking out)
  • Bit Hanger sold separately! 

Complete the set:

Set is as per pictures:

Colours: beige, chocolate, cream, purple, with gold hardware 

What are the 3 things you want from a bitless bridle:
  1. Stability: a fixed noseband, allowing for precise cues
  2. Freedom: allowing the horse to open its mouth comfortably
  3. Comfort: No tightening on the face when reins are picked up

How you can use the Comfort Bitless Bridle:

  1. Side Pull: simply clip the reins into the bottom rings and use the bridle as a simple side pull. Pressure is asserted on the nose, and the bridle is stabilised with the Comfort Straps, which do not tighten or add pressure.
  2. Scawbrig: get the matching Chin Strap and turn the Side Pull into a Scawbrig bitless bridle. 
  3. Crossover: The Comfort Bitless Bridle lets you loop the reins through the bottom rings, crossing under the horse’s head, and clipping into the top rings. This style asserts pressure in 3 places: nose, cheeks, poll. The reins, wide and soft, allow for gentle pressure and release well. (You will need the 12ft long Reins for this options). New option: Crossover Straps!
  4. Halter: The Comfort Bitless Bridle has the fiador knot, allowing for normal rope halter use. The Comfort Straps will help stop the bridle from moving on the horse's face. 

Perfect for trail riding and endurance.


  • UV resistant
  • Colour fast
  • Hand washable
  • Low abrasion
  • Soft and durable
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