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  • Medinaa’s Rope Leash

    Medinaa’s ROPE LEASH and how you can use it. 
  • Floral Halter Set

    Our floral halter set is finally available to order!
  • Spotlight: The Cordeo

    It's no secret that my favourite piece of tack is the Cordeo, or neck rope.  It can be used by literally any rider, from beginner to advanced. And ...
  • Meet Nicole and Ruby

    Meet Nicole and Ruby. Nicole is a much cherished customer who, among other things, ordered one of Medinaa’s bitless noseband converters for her sen...
  • Copy Cats

    In the last few months it has come to my attention that a lot of other rope tack businesses have copied my designs (and the entire way of how I run...
  • 3in1 Comfort Bitless Bridle

    BRAND NEW!!! 🌸3in1 Comfort Bitless Bridle🌸 What are the 3 things you want from a bitless bridle: 1. Stability: a fixed noseband, allowing for pre...
  • The 3in1 Bitless Bridle

    A closer look at the 3in1 Bitless Bridle and how you can use it. Go to: 3in1 Bitless Bridles
  • Training Halter - Swivel Feature

    The Training Halter - how the swivel feature works. Watch now.
  • NEW Leather Collars

    I finally added leather collars to the dog collection. These dog collars are specifically made for sighthounds as they are thin, wide (4cm!) and li...
  • NEW Aria Bridle

    It's been a long time coming... so many of you have asked for the cross browband and it is finally here! 
  • New Halter Design

    New for 2019 is our Savanna halter set up, perfect for photoshoots. I use real feathers and these special illusion beads that are really cool. They...
  • NEW Hardware!

    You can now choose between the following colours when ordering your reins or dog leash: silver gold rose gold gunmetal rainbow Simply send us a ...