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Meet Nicole and Ruby

Meet Nicole and Ruby.

Nicole is a much cherished customer who, among other things, ordered one of Medinaa’s bitless noseband converters for her sensitive mare, Ruby.

Previously Ruby (Malvern Harmony) had problems riding bitless, getting confused by the cues she was receiving. Nicole tried for over 2 years to find a bitless bridle that would be soft and precise for Ruby to understand, and almost gave up.

Then she tried our converter:

In May, the pair competed in the SA Endurance Polish Hill River Ride and won HWT and were awarded best conditioned. It was the first time ever Ruby rode bitless in an endurance ride.

Nicole wrote:

"I’ve had her for nearly 3 years in full work each season and never had any consistent success bitless until now."

And now, the pair won the 2019 SA Endurance State Championship 160km HWT, including best conditioned!

I am so proud of you Nicole, and I am so happy I could help make Ruby feel more comfortable. Congratulations on your great achievement!

And thank you again Nicole, for sharing your journey with us. I know there will be much more to come from you two.

Judy x

If you would like to order your own bitless noseband converter, click here.

Nicole’s converter: click here.

Fun fact: Ruby is a spitting image of Medinaa, the Arabian mare I grew up with in Germany (and who obviously had a huge impact on me and my life). So I have felt emotionally invested in her wellbeing.

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